It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend SOCIAL TRAVEL! SOCIAL TRAVEL has worked with our business on a freelance basis for a year and a half now by managing our social media and put Lah-di-Dah under branding. From their work with us, I’ve gotten to know them as a highly skilled and passionate company with a knack for visual design.
In their work with us, SOCIAL TRAVEL redesigned our Facebook, Instagram and Google to our specifications while contributing great ideas on how to make it user-friendly and beautiful for our users. Since the redesign, we’ve seen our time on page and conversion metrics increase by five times what they were with our old social media.
SOCIAL TRAVEL also ensured that new, elegant designs are consistent across all our branding platforms, including email newsletters, social media, and our outreach efforts with other sites. Their contributions have been absolutely invaluable, and it seems there’s no challenge too big for SOCIAL TRAVEL to tackle.

Andene – owner, Lah-Di-Dah

SOCIAL TRAVEL took over in April 2020 when Hitgeheim was in full lockdown and did amazing things with her online social media marketing skills, allowing Hitgeheim to keep our doors open and be ready for the new normal. It was a true and fantastic experience with amazing results! SOCIAL TRAVEL’s skills in our OTA Management and Wed Development has not gone unnoticed.

Archie – owner, Hitgeheim Country Lodge