We offer full support for all the services offered by Social Travel and help improve your overall on-line experience

For the busy or frustrated person we are an also ideal contact point to handle day to day or larger problems you might experience.

Examples of the services we offer

  • Fault finding / analysis and reporting around connectivity issues. Let us deal with your ISP in an expert way and save you the frustration.
  • Is your PC / laptop slow and sluggish? Let us attend to that and breathe some extra life into your machine.
  • Data safety. Are you sure all your data can be recovered after a disaster? Talk to us about offline / cloud storage options
  • Software installation, configuration and re-installations
  • Workstation / Laptop configuration, installations and reconfiguration
  • Microsoft Office and email support
  • Consultation services on any bigger plans you might have to enhance / expand your own business services
  • Data safety and business continuity